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Expert advice and support in digitalization

Michal Čermák: Reading and writing are not sufficient anymore. One needs IT skills to be literate

15. April 2024
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IT Fitness Test 2024 Press Conference

10. April 2024
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AAVIT joined a business mission to Chile and Uruguay

15. March 2024
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European Parliament adopts the AI Act

13. March 2024
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A call to action for a digital single market by 2030

7. March 2024
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Tisková konference k IT Fitness Test

Who We Are?

  • We are a cluster of leaders in IT & Digital Services. We aspire to level the start-up landscape for the IT sector and strengthen its position as an equal partner alongside the manufacturing industry.
  • We are a platform supporting the increase of the IT sector’s share of Czech and EU GDP.
  • We accelerate the networking of IT and government. We patiently explain the actual meaning of “higher added value” for digital services with international potential.
  • We emphasise the importance of applied technology in IT and promote the profitable export of digital services, software and hardware.
  • We are a community of senior technology stakeholders and companies from different industries striving to become digital leaders.
  • We consist of companies of all sizes – from global companies operating around the world to growing start-ups.

Board Members

Oliver Dlouhý - prezident Asociace pro aplikovaný výzkum v IT

Oliver Dlouhý
Co-founder and CEO of In 2012, he had the idea to create a unique algorithm for connecting flight combinations and the result is one of the leading travel-tech companies with a global footprint. In 2018, he was selected for Forbes magazine's European "30 Under 30" list. He is the recipient of the 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year and 2019 Crystal Magnifying Glass Personality of the Year awards.
Jiří Ferenc - člen prezidia Asociace pro aplikovaný výzkum v IT

Jiří Ferenc

Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of FERMAT Group, a.s. The company manufactures horizontal boring machines, produces components in various industries, supplies and assembles them and then exports them to markets around the world. The company is a digital leader in its field.
Jiří Fabian - člen prezidia Asociace pro aplikovaný výzkum v IT

Jiří Fabian

The founder of the successful start-up studio TopMonks Ltd. He has exited several successful startups in the past as an investor and continues to hold investment stakes in others. He has over 20 years of experience in corporate and startup environments.
Ivana Hančíková - členka prezidia Asociace pro aplikovaný výzkum v IT

Ivana Hančíková

He has held senior management positions in IT companies such as AVG and RWE. She has been involved in building several successful IT projects, such as MycroftMind, a start-up focused on artificial intelligence. She is an important woman in Czech IT.
Michal Košek - člen prezidia Asociace pro aplikovaný výzkum v IT

Michal Košek

CEO and board member of the software company eMAN, which is listed on the Prague Stock Exchange START. His main tasks are managing the company's strategy, effective management and performance evaluation.

Our Agenda

  • We operate in the environment of digital transformation, digital technology and innovation, digital trade, digital infrastructure and cybersecurity.
  • We defend the interests of the IT sector among policy makers and other relevant decision makers at national and European level, for instance through our membership of the Czcech Chamber of Commerce and DIGITALEUROPE.
  • We advocate for digital technologies to create a better sociaty and make people’s lives easier.


We contribute to the following areas

AAVIT - Digitální transformace

Digital Transformation

AAVIT supports the overall digital transformation of the Czech economy, which is essential for strengthening the competitiveness of the Czech Republic. Digitalization increases efficiency, reduces costs for companies, saves the environment and contributes to the Green Deal goals. In selected professions, it helps to dampen the demands on the quantity of labour, the shortage of which the Czech economy is chronically struggling with.
AAVIT - Trh práce v IT

The IT Labour Market

Members of the Association are major employers and exporters of products and services. The association wants to support, among other things, the creation and retention of jobs in the IT sector and the digitisation of the public administration.
AAVIT - Podpora digitalizace, výzkumu a vývoje v IT

Research & Development

Member companies are among the leading players in applied research in IT. They specialise in the development of software, applications, algorithms or other breakthrough IT solutions that significantly increase the added value of the Czech economy. Through their activities, they fundamentally help strengthen the autonomy of the Czech R&D sector, which is otherwise often tied to foreign capital.