AAVIT joined a business mission to Chile and Uruguay

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AAVIT joined a business mission to Chile and Uruguay

A business delegation of the Confederation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic headed to two South American countries over the weekend. Representatives of a total of 30 Czech companies or institutions, led by SP CR Vice President Radek Špicar and Board Member Petr Jonák, accompanied Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Sikel on his official visit to Chile and Uruguay. Czech exporters seek to establish new business relations in South America, particularly in the fields of energy, environmental technologies and digitalization.

Chile and Uruguay are promising markets for Czech companies. Both countries have already recovered from the economic difficulties caused by the COVID pandemic and their economies are on the rise. “Both countries we will visit are also open to foreign trade. The European Union even has a free trade agreement with Chile, with more than 98% of all trade exchange being duty-free. This mission is a great opportunity for our companies to penetrate new markets,” says Radek Špicar, Vice President of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, leading the business delegation.

Chile is the third most important export market for the Czech Republic in the entire Latin American region after Mexico and Brazil. Together with Uruguay, these are both small open economies that remove trade barriers with other countries to the highest extent possible. Our aim is to leverage this opportunity and enable Czech companies to enter their market easier,” said Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela, adding: “I particularly see great potential in IT and digitalisation, energy and sustainable technologies. I will be negotiating with key representatives of both countries both on supporting existing projects and on finding more investment opportunities for our companies.”

In less than a week, Czech exporters were expected to have business meetings with representatives of local companies and associations operating in the field of renewable energy, hydrogen or the circular economy. In Santiago, Chile, the mission participants also attended a business forum with representatives of local entrepreneurs and visited the National Energy Centre. In Montevideo, Uruguay, they also visited two technology parks.

“We have arranged a rich programme of business meetings throughout the week. I believe that all participants will spend this time as efficiently as possible and will manage to establish interesting connections in both countries. In addition, on behalf of the Confederation of Industry, we intend to sign a memorandum of cooperation with local partner associations in Santiago and Montevideo, which could make it much easier for Czech companies to establish their business there,” adds Petr Jonák, member of the Board of Directors of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.

South America is a promising region both for established companies and start-ups

Among the thirty companies and institutions accompanying the Minister to Chile and Uruguay, one can find established Czech brands,as well as start-ups and Charles University representatives. “We are very pleased that the digital economy takes part in this mission thanks to the Association for Applied Research in IT. Chile and Uruguay are two of the three most economically advanced countries in South America, and Chile in particular systematically supports technology start-ups. We are looking forward to the chance to showcase the work of our members and help facilitate their market entry in an exciting and emerging region. It will be equally interesting to gain information about the activities of local companies and institutions that can be applied in the Czech Republic,” explains Jaromír Hanzal, Director of the Association for Applied Research in IT.

The company Recombee will also strive for the attention of Chilean and Uruguayan partners in the area of digital technologies. “Recombee is a robust product in the field of AI personalization that today boasts a global reach. We are very pleased to see interest in our product from different parts of the world, especially North America. South America opens up new horizons for us and brings exciting opportunities for expansion. We are proud to be part of this dynamic industry and at the same time represent the Czech Republic as a country that is moving towards technological progress,” says Gabriela Takáčová, Co-founder & Chief Business Officer of Recombee.

Law firm bpv Braun Partners will also be seeking to reach its potential customers during the trip. “We would like to extend our cooperation and especially our legal advice to companies that plan to direct their business goals to the CEE region. We can guide foreign investors through the entire investment process, especially in the energy, engineering and raw materials sectors. We are ready to become a partner for local companies on their way to business success in Central and Eastern Europe,” explains Robert Matas, partner at international law firm bpv Braun Partners.

Source: Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic