5G networks on the rise in the Czech Republic


5G networks on the rise in the Czech Republic

Fast internet over 5G networks is now available in about 30% of the Czech Republic and operators have the ambition to achieve full coverage by 2025. 5G mobile networks provide transmission speeds of up to 1 Gbps with minimal latency and, especially for industrial digitalization and automation applications, the capacity of 5G networks is also important, allowing the connection of up to 1 million devices over an area of 1 km2 .

In addition to the action plan, the government’s 5G strategy, approved in January 2020, defines the characteristics of 5G networks and their applications, which it sees mainly in the deployment in industry and automated transport, both passenger and commercial, and the streamlining of rail transport. In industry, 5G networks will allow real-time communication between devices, thanks to fast response times of 1-5 ms, the use of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence or virtual reality. However, businesses do not have to wait until 2025 for 5G networks. Operators already offer two different solutions today. The first is a so-called campus network with self-coverage, particularly useful for manufacturing companies, and the second is for companies working outdoors, where the operator can use network slicing to reserve part of the public network for their needs.

Source: TechMagazin