Sympozium Modernizační a strukturální fondy, dotace a granty jako příležitost pro ekonomiku

AAVIT hosted a cluster symposium for fundraising


AAVIT hosted a cluster symposium for fundraising

Together with Ekonomický deník, today we had the honour to host a cluster symposium – Modernization and Structural Funds, Subsidies and Grants as an Opportunity for the Economy. It was a part of our cluster project, which aims, among other things, to provide AAVIT members with advice and insight in the field of fundraising.

AAVIT Director Jaromír Hanzal and representatives of our members Juraj Strieženec, ACCA from and Ondrej Homola from N1 contributed to a loaded panel that included speakers such as Minister of the Environment Petr Hladík, Chief Director of the Funds Section of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Marian Piecha, Director of the State Environmental Fund Petr Valdman and Chairman of the Office for the Protection of Competition Petr Mlsna.

To our delight, the thoughts of the other panellists very often overlapped with our long-held assumptions. Members of the AAVIT cluster had the chance to ask qualified experts not only about the long-term problems they face in developing project applications and implementing projects, but also about the specifics of individual support instruments.

We believe that the outcomes of the symposium will lead to the cultivation of social debate on the grant environment in the Czech Republic and to the gradual removal of obstacles that today prevent the full use of the potential that subsidy instruments create in the field of R&D, IT and digitalization.