Tisková konference IT Fitness Test 2023

AAVIT is participating in the preparation and launch of the IT Fitness Test 2023


AAVIT is participating in the preparation and launch of the IT Fitness Test 2023

Today in the morning, a press conference was held in the presence of AAVIT representatives to inaugurate the launch of the IT Fitness Test for 2023. This is an initiative that aims to test the digital competencies of primary and secondary school pupils and students. AAVIT, together with Česko.Digital, is the project manager for the Czech Republic.


The IT Fitness Test will be held in the V4 region and Ukraine this year. The main partner, which covers the whole project, is the Slovak platform Digital Coalition. IT Fitness Test was first opened in Slovakia and gradually started to expand to other countries in the region. Its content is regularly updated to reflect the overall technological progress in society. In the Czech Republic, this is the second edition.

The test takes approximately one hour to complete and has a total of 100 (secondary school version) or 80 (primary school version) questions. These are concentrated into five main subject blocks: Internet, Security and Computer Systems, Complex Tasks, Office Tools and Social Networks and Collaborative Tools. The principle of the test is the respondent’s ability to reason logically, engage in critical thinking and make use of all available programs, applications and resources on the Internet. Students can take the tests not only in the school computer labs, but also at home or on the phone. When they are finished, they will see their results.

We are pleased that several major domestic partners from the private and public sectors have taken over the project’s patronage. Namely, the Confederation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic, Microsoft, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Sports and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. They can help us especially in the area of promotion of the initiative.

We believe that the significance of this initiative goes beyond education and training, as digital competences are paramount in building a modern economy. For the vast majority of higher value-added jobs, they are absolutely essential, and overall there are significantly fewer jobs that do not require even rudimentary digital competences. The Czech Republic has faced a systematic labour shortage in recent years, which is not only due to a simple lack of workers, but also to their insufficient competences. We believe that initiatives such as the IT Fitness Test will help strengthen the competitiveness of the Czech economy and ensure a skilled workforce not only for the industrial sector, but also for the service sector.