IT Fitness Test 2023

IT Fitness Test 2023 has been extremely successful. 73,000 Czech students have already registered.


IT Fitness Test 2023 has been extremely successful. 73,000 Czech students have already registered.

The IT Fitness Test 2023 V4 & Ukraine initiative, which aims to test the digital skills of pupils and students, has reached the 73,000 mark in the Czech Republic two months after the start of the assessment. We officially launched the initiative on 3 April 2023 together with the non-profit organisation Česko.Digital. The number of Czech primary school pupils currently assessed is 36,646, while the number of secondary school and university students assessed is 36,646.

The IT Fitness Test is a well-known project with a long tradition, with more than 400,000 respondents from the V4 region participating over the last 11 years. Last year more than 8 000 pupils and students took part in the assessment. The target for this year’s edition, to involve a total of 20,000 students, was reached within the second month of the launch.

The average pass rate for primary school students is currently 53%, while the average for secondary and university students is 48%. While male students perform slightly better than female students among secondary and university students, female students perform slightly better among primary school students.

The IT Fitness Test provides a comprehensive test of digital competence

According to AAVIT CEO Jaromír Hanzal, we cannot do without systematically increasing the digital competences of the Czech population. “It should be clearly stated that if the Czech Republic wants to maintain its current competitiveness, or even increase it, it cannot do without an emphasis on strengthening the digital competences of its citizens. It is not only about the demands of the labour market, but about the modernisation of the state apparatus and all the services provided. Digitalisation clearly increases its efficiency, but it is dependent on a sufficient level of digital competence of the Czech population. It is a long run, but our goal should be that in 20 years’ time, for example, there will no longer be any inhabitants living in a purely analogue world.”

Petra Krištof, a volunteer in the Česko.Digital community, adds, “All those who complete the test will receive an electronic certificate confirming their digital competence and the opportunity to participate in a competition for attractive prizes. Those who will be drawn in November 2023 can look forward to, for example, an iPad (the main prize), a field trip to the Prague office of, small electronics from and interesting educational materials from ESET.”

A number of partners are involved in the successful implementation of the initiative

Several major partners from the private and public sectors in the Czech Republic have taken over the project’s patronage. Specifically, Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, Microsoft, Alza, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic, and Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

You can still participate in the assessment through the official website of the project for the Czech Republic ➡️

Project schedule in 2023:

  • March: pilot test
  • April: start of the assessment
  • October: official end of the assessment
  • November-December: results processing and evaluation