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The 3rd AAVIT Meeting was a successful event


The 3rd AAVIT Meeting was a successful event

On Tuesday, 26 September, we met at Villa Richter on the occasion of the third AAVIT membership meeting and the AAVIT digital cluster.

The meeting was preceded by a press conference where we presented the results of our survey among companies on their knowledge of upcoming digital legislation, especially at the European level. The main findings of the analysis were presented on our website in the previous days. This project was carried out as part of our cluster project to map the legislative environment for the AAVIT cluster members.

This was followed by the members’ meeting itself, which was very relaxed and informal. AAVIT Director Jaromír Hanzal summarised our activities over the last year and outlined where we want to go in the future. He was excited about the growth of our membership base, which has almost doubled since the last meeting in September 2022.

The formal meeting was followed by an informal meeting of the Friends of AAVIT, where we had the honour of welcoming a number of interesting guests from the business and public sectors. From the public sector, the main focus was on providing information on fundraising for AAVIT cluster members, in the form of an overview of appropriate grant instruments and the pitfalls involved in using them. Several speakers spoke at the launch. Oliver Dlouhý, President of AAVIT and CEO of Kiwi.com, shared his vision of the future development of the Czech Republic, linked to the abandonment of the traditional paradigm of the Czech Republic as an exclusively industrial country producing tangible products.

Štěpán Hofman, Chief of the Minister’s Cabinet, delivered a message from Minister Jozef Sikel, in which he stressed his firm commitment to making the promotion of digitalization one of MIT’s top priorities. He also praised the achievements of Czech companies in this field.

Marian Piecha, Senior Director of the EU Funds Section of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT), outlined how public support instruments are used to finance digital and IT projects and expressed his determination to continue in this direction.

Petr Filipi, Director of MIT’s Digitalisation and Internet Department, elaborated on the technical aspects of project submission and the communication that MIT conducts with representatives of the business sector in the preparation of grant calls.

We would like to once again thank all members and non-members for attending the event. We sincerely hope to see you again soon!