AAVIT je prvním českým členem DIGITALEUROPE.

AAVIT as the first Czech member of DIGITALEUROPE


AAVIT as the first Czech member of DIGITALEUROPE

The Association for Applied Research in IT (AAVIT) became the first Czech member of the European platform DIGITALEUROPE on 1 March. The platform is formed by national business and industry associations and top companies with global significance.

The DIGITALEUROPE platform has long functioned as an influential organisation for promoting the interests of the IT sector in the European Union. Its main agenda items include, for example, assisting in the preparation of the legislative framework in the field of IT and digitalisation, while having a real influence on the decision-making of the European institutions. It is a driving force behind Europe’s digital transformation, which is also one of the key instruments in the transition to a carbon-free economy. It is directing all its efforts towards making the EU a global digital leader.

“AAVIT promotes the interests of applied research in IT, trying to straighten the business environment for it and increase its share in the domestic economy. Membership of DIGITALEUROPE gives our association an insight into the development of key IT legislation at European level. We can play an active role in its development for the benefit of our members. In addition, membership in DIGITALEUROPE strengthens AAVIT’s position in dealing with Czech institutions and policy-makers,” says AAVIT Director Jaromír Hanzal.

The current turbulent times are a clear reminder of the importance of the IT sector and digitalisation in ensuring economic prosperity. The level of uncertainty we are facing today is quite unprecedented. “It is possible that traditional industries will be hit hard by energy or strategic commodity shortages. IT orientation should be a clear priority for the Czech Republic,” Hanzal adds.The association itself believes that membership in DIGITALEUROPE will strengthen the Czech IT sector’s interest in the EU.

 “The IT segment is a critical infrastructure not only for the private sector, but also for the public sector, which is very clear at the moment. Therefore, we welcome any activity that will help digitalization and the introduction of new technologies and principles in IT,” adds Michal Košek, CEO of eMan, one of the founding members of AAVIT.