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AAVIT helps Ukraine


AAVIT helps Ukraine

A functional digital infrastructure is essential for the successful conduct of military operations, as well as for keeping the population informed and providing assistance to internal refugees in Ukraine. Thanks to advanced digital applications, Ukraine is better able to resist Russian aggression and help its citizens. That’s why the Ministry of Industry and Trade has partnered with ICT companies to provide the necessary equipment to keep Ukraine’s digital infrastructure up and running.

“I am trying to identify appropriate ways to help Ukraine against Russian aggression and ensuring a functional telecommunications infrastructure is one of them. That’s why in previous weeks we have helped secure the delivery of IT equipment to Ukraine. I would like to thank both my team and the Czech companies with whom we cooperated,” said Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Sikel.

“In cooperation with representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry for Digital Transformation, we identified ICT products that are essential for ensuring a functional telecommunications infrastructure in Ukraine and communicated it with representatives of Czech ICT companies,” says Petr Očko, Deputy Minister for Digitalization and Innovation. Among other things, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) approached the Association for Applied Research in IT (AAVIT), which facilitated concrete assistance from several of its member companies.

“We are pleased with the intensive participation of AAVIT members in helping Ukraine. We believe that the donated technologies will contribute to strengthening its digital resilience and serve as a positive example for other donors. As a part of DIGITALEUROPE, we are also seeking funds for the restoration of Ukraine’s digital infrastructure in EU budgets together with other European associations”, says AAVIT Director Jaromir Hanzal.

The MIT appeal was successful, several companies quickly responded and donated or purchased equipment, which is currently being distributed directly to Ukraine. There it will be used to protect critical infrastructure against cyber attacks and for other practical tasks.

Global company with Czech background provided IT equipment for power backup, Safetica, a company that provides cybersecurity services, provided digital licenses for security software, and FERMAT, a purely Czech supplier of high-end automated machines, contributed wireless technologies.

The assistance is being distributed in cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation and other entities on the Ukrainian side. Czech companies continue to be one of the key players in the assistance to Ukraine.